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Ransomware Recovery & Remediation

Incident recovery support to ensure your organization is back up and running, quickly and securely

Ransomware Recovery and Remediation Overview

In the event of an incident, Protocol 86 can provide immediate response and swift recovery of your environment. Aligning with best practices, The average engagement will proceed through the following phases.


Your organization has likely already identified the existence of a compromise, but should you need verification, our teams can assist in vetting threats as credible or not.


This is one of the team's foremost concerns, minimizing the impact and containing, as such this will be the focus at the beginning of most engagements.


During containment and isolation of the threat, responders will start determining a remediation plan this could range from manual removal, custom scripts, or even fleet reimaging; all of which we can provide the personnel to facilitate.

System Recovery:

This is the most crucial step over the course of the engagement; our responders will determine the quickest way to restore your operation to a safe and functional state. You can expect this to start with crown jewels to business operations.

Why Protocol 86 is The Best Choice for Ransomware Recovery

  • Security Hardening is part the process: We will identify foundational vulnerabilities and ensure your environment is recovered in a more secure state.
  • Co-operative Approach: We will work closely with staff and vendors to determine the best course of action a while keeping them engaged and up to date on progress.
  • 24/7/365 Support: Our team will on your schedule to guarantee you can recover as quickly as possible.

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